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Everyday Antitrust Issues

Thursday, November 2, 2017 | 12:00 PM ET

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OCT 17 Republicans hold a majority on NLRB for first time in 9 years
OCT 17 Florida banks beware: A new twist on claims against negligent appraisers
OCT 13 A receiver is neither a Chapter 11 trustee nor a debtor-in-possession
OCT 12 WATCH: Liability mismatch: Who is liable if a partnership is audited?
OCT 12 Massachusetts: Coalition sues to stop the millionaire’s tax ballot initiative
OCT 12 South Dakota: Online sales tax case now in US Supreme Court’s hands
OCT 12 Ohio: House passes measure to exempt optical aids from sales tax, saving consumers $29M
OCT 17 Referral sources may be a protected legitimate business interest in Florida
OCT 12 Ohio Supreme Court: SERP excluded from municipal income tax
OCT 10 OSHA’s new silica safety standard imposes additional burdens on contractors
SEP 26 Out with the old, in with the new: 6 upcoming changes to EU data protection law under the GDPR
SEP 05 Tick-tock: GDPR enforcement is less than 9 months away
AUG 30 New Ohio opioid prescription limits for acute pain take effect tomorrow
AUG 24 OCR's HIPAA breach "wall of shame" breaks 2,000
OCT 12 "Cybercrime Targeting Higher Education What Needs To Be Done"
OCT 12 "The 2017 Revisions to AIA Standard Construction Contracts"
OCT 12 "Kasich announces appointments to state boards and commissions"
OCT 10 "Making their mark- McDonald Hopkins' recent move wasn't about space, but independence"
OCT 03 McDonald Hopkins names David Agay managing member in Chicago
OCT 03 Experienced business attorney Frank Wardega joins McDonald Hopkins
OCT 02 Contini, Sullivan named co-chairs at McDonald Hopkins
OCT 25 Protection and Enforcement of Well-Known Marks
OCT 26 Cyber Risk and Data Security Seminar
NOV 02 Everyday Antitrust Issues: Protecting Your Business From Criminal and Civil Liability
NOV 09 Corporate Compliance in the New Economy
NOV 13 Land Use Law: Current Issues in Subdivision, Annexation and Zoning
DEC 06 Human Resource Law Boot Camp
JAN 23 Ohio Tax Conference


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