On the Rise

David-AgayDavid Agay, Chicago:
“In surveying the landscape, I wanted to join an entrepreneurial firm defined by lawyers holding themselves to the highest standards, both professionally and personally. Without question, McDonald Hopkins meets those criteria.”

James Giszczak, DetroitJames-Giszczak
“Every firm makes promises regarding integrity, collegiality, area expertise, and opportunity. McDonald Hopkins delivered, and keeps delivering. Because life and careers are far too short, selecting the firm that fits is critical. Fortunately for me, the promises made were not only kept, but live and breathe at McDonald Hopkins every day. While the practice of law is taxing and painful on some days, your firm should not be.”

Patrick A. Karbowski, DetroitPatrick-Karbowski
"It’s one thing to understand the business of law and law firm economics, it’s another to have the wisdom to apply that knowledge in such a way as to leave members and associates alike feeling rewarded for the present and excited for the future. McDonald Hopkins gets it on both fronts. The talent level of the professionals and staff is as high as I have seen in any firm, and my clients have been pleased with both the business savvy and the work product of the attorneys at McDonald Hopkins. I’m pleased to be a part of this team. It was definitely the right choice for me.”

Peter D. Welin, ColumbusPeter-Welin

"Joining McDonald Hopkins in 2014 was a great choice for our group of construction lawyers and commercial litigators. The cross-selling opportunities and the willingness of all the Members to welcome us to the firm demonstrated the firm's commitment to growing the firm in ways that make sense. Management's purpose and vision will position the firm for continuing success.”

Raquel (Rocky)-RodriguezRaquel (Rocky) A. Rodriquez, Miami
“I joined McDonald Hopkins because it reminded me of everything I enjoyed most about the practice of law: collegial, high-quality lawyers; manageable size that allows me to know my colleagues on a personal level; excellent support without a lot of bureaucracy; and great management that encourages entrepreneurship. We are six offices, but one firm. Our offices work as a team to get the job done. It is great to have such enthusiastic support!”

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