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Is Your Hospital at Risk?

Join McDonald Hopkins and Huron Consulting Group on July 10 from 12 - 1:30 p.m. for the webcast: Is Your Hospital at Risk?: Legal Pitfalls of Hospital Lab Pass-through Billing Arrangements.

Hospitals are being approached at an alarming rate to enter into arrangements with labs, often toxicology labs, the fundamental purpose of which is to allow the labs to bill under a hospital’s contracts with payors with which the labs are out-of-network. These arrangements potentially carry great legal risk for hospitals that enter into them.

The webcast will be available on this page. Questions for the panelists can be submitted to


  • The type of pass-through arrangements that might be presented to your hospital. 
  • What hospitals are prime targets, and why?
  • The regulatory and contractual implications of lab/hospital pass-through billing arrangements. 
  • The difference between legal and illegal practices of laboratory billing via hospital contracts. 
  • What payors are doing to counteract these arrangements including the various recoupment efforts to date.
  • How best to legally structure a proper outreach program-reference laboratory arrangement in an effort  to reduce risks and properly maximize reimbursement the right way.