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The founder's exit strategy: From beginning to end

Business Hour
February 22, 2018
Noon - 1:00 p.m.

The interests of founders and their companies can diverge at several important junctures in a company's lifecycle. Founders must understand when their interests are distinct from their company and how to continue a company's upward trajectory, while simultaneously protecting themselves. This Business Hour will focus on some of the most common issues where founder and company interests do not align, and discuss the most effective ways for founders to protect themselves without sacrificing the company’s best interests. Ultimately, the success of the company should mean the success of its founders.


  • Areas of tension between founders and their company's, and propose solutions to these issues
  • Focus founders on specific issues related to compensation, employment agreements, equity-based compensation, and restrictive covenants
  • Different treatment/perspective between founders and other investors in connection with a liquidity event, and how to prepare for a liquidity event
  • Underscore various tax issues specific to founders that may impair a successful exit and estate planning techniques to maximize return on investment


Fifth Third Center
600 Superior Avenue East, Suite 2100
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

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