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Navigating your growth as a female executive

Navigating your growth as a female executive

Join McDonald Hopkins' Christal Contini, Hayley Gladstone, and Ben Panter and our guest panelist Julie Smolyansky, CEO of Lifeway Foods, in Chicago on June 11, 2019 for a discussion focused on providing guidance to female professionals at all levels of their careers as they move up the ranks. 

Female executives, founders and business owners often find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to negotiating their executive compensation and incentive packages or balancing their dual role as owner and employee to ensure they are properly compensated in both capacities. While females may face outright discrimination, implicit bias or hesitance to negotiate on their own behalf, a common denominator we find is that female professionals who do not have legal counsel in their corner to provide necessary context, education, and advocacy often fare worse in the compensation process.

We will examine the intricacies of compensation packages, value the various compensation components available and guide attendees in understanding the lifecycle of a corporate transaction and its impact on individual executives.


  • “Should I take this new offer?”
  • “Am I being treated the same as similarly situated owners or executives?
  • “When will my employee equity or founders shares be worth anything?”
  • “I am hearing rumors of a sale… what happens to me and my compensation if my company were bought out?”
  • “Is my employer looking out for my interests?” 
  • “Is this buyer looking out for me as the founder?”
  • “Will I lose everything if I quit my job?”


300 North LaSalle Street
Conference Center on Lower Level

Chicago, Illinois 60654

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