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You've Had A Data Breach, Now What?

You've Had A Data Breach, Now What?

What's the Risk | Breakout Session 1: 9:15-10 am

Dom Paluzzi, McDonald Hopkins

It’s Monday morning, and your IT manager just called to tell you that your system was compromised over the weekend. Both employee and client records have potentially been exposed. What’s your first move? Who do you call? How soon are you legally required to notify the affected parties? Who’s responsible for talking to employees, customers, attorney’s, breach coaches, the media? What’s your next move? What’s your last move? Whether you have 5 employees of 5,000, you’re not immune from this exposure. No one is. In fact, industry data suggests that over 40% of breaches impact “small” businesses every year. Join us for a session on breach response planning and the critical steps necessary to mitigate the potential impact on your  organization.