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PPP Loan Forgiveness & Going from Brick and Mortar to Virtual

Join David Kall and Amanda Martin, in partnership with the Presidents Council, for a webinar in designed to help you prepare and position your business for PPP loan forgiveness and learn how to protect your business going from brick and mortar to virtual. 


PPP Loan Forgiveness: How to prepare and position your business

  • The ever changing PPP landscape - how did we get here and where are we headed?
  • 8 weeks, 24 weeks, 60 days, 90 days, 10 months - what does this all mean?
  • The SBA opened the forgiveness portal - now what?
  • Will there be an audit and if so, what to expect

Going from Brick and Mortar to virtual: How to protect your business

  • Cybersecurity and privacy considerations for businesses that are moving to remote work
  • An overview of the cybersecurity threats facing this evolving landscape and the policies, procedures, and training that employers can adopt to combat them
  • Bring Your Own Device ("BYOD) policies: what are they, why should your business have them, and what you should include