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Commercial Real Estate Loan Documentation A-Z

Commercial Real Estate Loan Documentation A-Z

Spot Pitfalls and Negotiate Desirable Terms
When there's hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars at stake, a little caution and negotiation savvy can go a long way. This program will help you understand the ins and outs of different loan options and loan documentation so you know what to look for. Know what's negotiable, what's not, and how to work in favorable terms for your client's benefit. 

•    Explore the pros, cons, and pitfalls of different financing options.
•    Build your understanding of what various loan documents entail.
•    Gain insights to help tip key terms in your client's favor.
•    Learn how to effectively negotiate personal guarantees in commercial real estate loan transactions.
•    Discover how lenders make underwriting and loan approval decisions.
•    Find out how to approach workouts for distressed real estate loans.


  • Exploring Key Regulatory Issues and Loan Options
  • Loan Documentation Overview (with Sample Documents)
  • Lender vs. Borrower Perspectives: Negotiating Key Sticking Points
  • Guarantees and Indemnities: Protecting Your Client
  • Borrower and Due Diligence Documents: What Lenders Look for
  • Loan Workouts and Forbearance Agreements
  • Legal Ethics