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Pay, Perks, and Parachutes

Pay, Perks, and Parachutes

McDonald Hopkins member John Wirtshafter will be one of the presenters for an informative program about executive compensation. The program is unique for its dual legal and financial planning perspectives. Whether you’re thinking about joining a new firm, working on getting promoted, have been let go, or planning to retire, it’s important to know how to negotiate the besst package.

The program will be presented by Fairport Wealth and Luma Wealth.

Wirtshafter and Emily Shacklett, Advisor at Fairport & Luma Wealth and John Wirtshafter, will share stories about mistakes to avoid and take you through a four step process for getting the executive compensation package you deserve.


  1. Building an advisory team
  2. Comparing what you have versus what you'll get
  3. Reviewing the whole package, including non-monetary features
  4. Negotiating an offer that works for you