Labor and employment

The coronavirus pandemic facing our country is first and foremost a health crisis, but it is also an employment crisis. Employers are responding to challenges—and facing risks—that they could not have imagined just a few months ago. During this crisis, the attorneys in the McDonald Hopkins Labor and Employment Practice Group have worked with employers to make the best decisions for the health and safety of their employees, to understand new and changing employment laws and obligations, and to maintain the financial viability of their companies.

And now, as employers are making plans to restart their businesses and get their employees back to work, our attorneys will continue to counsel and advise employers on important employment law issues, including:

  • Developing and implementing comprehensive return to work plans
  • Understanding the practical health and safety considerations for reopening the physical workplaces
  • Complying with permissible COVID‑19 screening and testing procedures
  • Training for managers and employees on safe workplace practices
  • Addressing issues and concerns related to attendance and leave issues under the FFCRA, FMLA, and ADA
  • Preparing for challenges and risks relating to furloughs, layoffs, pay changes, and unemployment benefits
  • Understanding policy issues and concerns, including telework issues, attendance, FLSA compliance, and child care
  • Protecting against employment law risks and claims in returning to the workplace
  • Addressing the changed nature of the workplace, including privacy concerns, remote work, office space, and enhanced preparedness

In these challenging times, the attorneys in the McDonald Hopkins Labor and Employment Practice Group are ready to help employers get back to work, to understand new employment law responsibilities, protect against potential claims, and help employers thrive in the new workplace environment.



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