CARES Act Review

The recent federal CARES Act was passed in response to the global COVID-19 crisis and is the most comprehensive recovery act in the history of the country. The act is unprecedented in its scope and will provide historic relief for American businesses with an array of new and expanded programs. The package includes direct payments to Americans, an aggressive expansion of unemployment insurance, billions in new aid to large and small businesses, and a new wave of funding for healthcare and other industries.
McDonald Hopkins is using its multi-disciplinary client approach to assess the CARES Act and to bring its full value to our clients. We have established a CARES Act Team which consists of attorneys with decades of experience in tax, labor and employment, lending/finance, restructuring, and healthcare. Our CARES Act Team has spent hundreds of hours analyzing the new law and has exhaustive knowledge of the SBA loan program, which is now a cornerstone of the CARES Act because of new forgiveness provisions.

Here is what we are offering our valued clients

We will provide a CARES Act Review that will unlock the potential of the act for your business. We will do this at a nominal fixed fee. As part of this review, you will receive up to 90 minutes from our CARES Act Review Team. This will include three to four multi-discipline attorneys who will answer all your questions about the CARES Act and provide an initial plan to access all of the act’s provisions.

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McDonald Hopkins would be honored to represent you and we look forward to having our interdisciplinary CARES Act Team assist you and your company through these challenging times.


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