Social media

10 years ago, your business didn’t have to worry about social media. Today, it affects you in significant and widespread ways. What’s more, social media’s presence in the business world continues to grow and evolve. You can’t afford to ignore this trends or fail to stay current. At our firm, you have access to attorneys in different practice areas who utilize their experience to help you thrive in this new era of social media. No matter what questions you have, we will provide you with practical advice to help you make the most of this new way of doing business. 

Do you have questions? We can provide answers.

  • How does my company get into social media?
  • Does my company need a social media policy?
  • Should my company screen job applicants using social media?
  • Is it necessary for my company to monitor employee social media use?
  • What problems can my company encounter if it tries to limit employee social media use?

Intellectual Property

  • What should my company do to protect its intellectual property rights on-line?
  • How can my company build its brand and prevent brand dilution through social media?
  • What does my company need to know to avoid infringing on the intellectual property rights of others?

Data Security

  • How can my company best protect our customer and employee privacy in a social media world?
  • What safeguards should my company put in place for electronic transactions?
  • How should my company best deal with state-specific laws regarding on-line commerce?
  • Can my company use social media to provide legal and other notices to customers?

Trade Practices

  • How can my company use social media to build brand loyalty?
  • Are there any limits on endorsements of my company’s products and services?
  • Can my company use social media to promote contests?
  • What does my company need to tell on-line customers to protect against liability?
  • How should my company respond to negative publicity on social media outlets?


  • Can my company use what it finds on-line to defend itself in litigation?
  • What duty does my company have to preserve social media data?
  • How can my company use social media to protect its brand in the face of litigation?

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • What does my company need to know to account for social media in business transactions? 
  • What value should be assigned to a company’s social media presence?
  • How should companies allocate social media risks in business transactions?


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