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Business restructuring

Business restructuring is just that: a business restructuring, not simply a legal issue. When you are restructuring your business, you need business-based solutions. And, if you are a lender, creditor or a potential buyer, you want someone with experience on both ends of the table who can guide you through the process. As a business advisory and advocacy firm, our focus is on efficiently providing advice on your situation and assisting you in achieving the optimal result – even in a difficult environment. We have one of the largest and most sophisticated bankruptcy and restructuring practices focused on the middle-market. Because restructuring often requires other expertise, we work as a team with you, your other advisors and the other experienced professionals at our firm to provide the most complete business and legal advice.

We’ve built a strong reputation as the advisors of choice for companies, boards, owners, lenders, creditors and buyers during restructurings, distressed sales or bankruptcies. Our attorneys are able to call upon a wealth of experience to provide a variety of services to businesses in a variety of industries.

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