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Antitrust litigation


In many ways, antitrust laws govern how your business can do business – and there can be stiff penalties for violations. With a combination of substantive knowledge and real world experience, our firm is well equipped to represent you during trying and complex antitrust conspiracy cases, monopolization litigation and civil procedures. Whether you have a class action suit or an individual case, our team of antitrust litigation attorneys will work to understand your needs and assist in finding a favorable outcome. Our experience includes working with: publicly traded companies, closely-held corporations, and individuals on issues that include: 
• Allegation of price fixing 
• Challenges to mergers and acquisitions
• Dealer terminations 
• Market division or allocation
• Monopolization
• Price discrimination
• Refusals to deal

Representative Matters

• Parker Hannifin Corporation et al. v. Bayer AG et al (N.D. Cal.)
• Parker Hannifin Corporation et al. v. Bayer AG et al (D. Conn.)
• In re Carbon Black Antitrust Litigation (D. Mass.)
• PolyOne Corporation v. Arkema, Inc., et al. (E.D. Pa.)
• In re Scrap Metal Antitrust Litigation (N. D. Ohio)
• Dougherty Hanna Resources et al. v. Wilsonart (S.D.N.Y.)
• Island Express Boat Lines, Ltd., et al. v. Put-in-Bay Boat Line Company, et al. (Erie County Court of Common Pleas) (Ohio Valentine Act)