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Helping Litigation Funders with Due Diligence as They Evaluate Potential Investments

The Litigation Finance Group includes attorneys who have expertise in the areas of law that most frequently attract investments from litigation funders. As a result, McDonald Hopkins is poised to help litigation funders evaluate potential litigation finance investments, whether for single cases or portfolios.

The Litigation Finance Group is available to serve litigation funders who are interested in a legal review as part of the due diligence that the funder performs before consummating an investment. We understand that certain situations call for a cursory review of legal issues before the litigation funder decides if it wants to proceed with a more in depth review, and other situations demand a comprehensive review of legal issues with a formal report to the funder delivered orally or in writing (or both). We are ready to help regardless of the breadth of the assignment. Additionally, we are prepared to assist litigation funders with monitoring cases as they proceed through litigation or arbitration. If requested, we are also available to provide strategic and tactical advice regarding settlement and litigation or arbitration.

Because we understand that the resources of litigation funders are precious, we have developed streamlined processes to speed our retention by litigation funders and to enable us to be efficient and highly responsive when evaluating potential litigation finance investments. Moreover, we are open to being engaged on an hourly basis or based on an alternative fee arrangement, which could include a fixed fee.


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