Government relations

Government relations requires so much more than networking with government officials. It requires an understanding of the intricacies of government and a strategic plan drafted by specialists who understand economic development and legislative issues. You don’t want to navigate the complex government landscape alone. Our team can work with you to assess opportunities and recommend how the government might contribute to achieving a goal or solution to a business challenge. The goal is to understand your needs and then quantify the value of meeting those needs through the public sector.

Our approach utilizes a flexible four-phase process of evaluation, development, implementation, and evolution.

  • Phase I: Evaluation
    Our team meets with you to listen and gain an understanding of your  business, inventory your concerns and objectives, and assess opportunities. Similarly, we invest time to gain an understanding of the political landscape from relevant officials and other parties regarding your specific issue.
  • Phase II: Development
    After gaining a thorough understanding of your government objectives and the surrounding landscape, we develop recommendations on how to achieve your objectives. We also develop a customized Government Affairs Action Plan (GAAP) to detail the steps necessary to implement our recommendations. 
  • Phase III: Implementation
    After obtaining your approval of the final GAAP, we “fill in the GAAP” by  implementing the various steps of the work plan.
  • Phase IV: Evolution
    As the GAAP is implemented, experience shows that the plan will need to evolve and be responsive to the ever changing political and policy landscape. During regular meetings with you and your team, we work with to evolve the GAAP.

In today's climate, the need to understand and navigate the governmental process is greater than ever. Our professionals operate in this space every day and can not only maximize your opportunities, but also teach you how to avoid pitfalls and dead ends. Our advocacy team has secured more than $50 million over the years through federal and state appropriations processes and have worked with legislators on dozens of occasions to improve areas of the law that impact our clients.



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