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One-Day Ohio Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) Check-Up

Ohio’s CAT creates a unique set of symptoms for you to diagnose when complying with your state and local tax burden. It’s difficult to navigate, even for the experienced tax professional. Adding to the complexity of the tax structure, the Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) aggressively audits for CAT with over 70 trained auditors.

To assist you in making important compliance and planning decisions related to the CAT, our multistate tax practice offers our own type of CAT Scan.

Reduce the symptoms of unhealthy tax costs

Our CAT Scan is a minimally invasive, comprehensive one-day process, specifically designed to provide a proactive analysis of your business structure and activities, along with your CAT compliance, to determine optimal filing positions, identify potential refunds, and mitigate future exposure.
  1. Initial ExamOur experienced tax professionals will review your business operations to gain an understanding of your principal transactions and legal structure.
  2. CAT Scan™We will review important aspects of the CAT law with your tax staff, including a detailed discussion of the CAT’s compliance requirements.
  3. DiagnosisBy comparing your company’s operation with the CAT law, we will work with you to identify important decision points that should be addressed in order to maximize the healthy aspects and minimize the unhealthy aspects of the tax law.



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