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If you own real estate in South Florida, time is running out to challenge your property’s market value as set forth in the TRIM Notice of Proposed Property Taxes (the TRIM Notice) that you should have received recently.

If you believe the assessed market value for your property as set forth in your TRIM Notice is higher than the actual market value of your property as of  January 1, 2013 you should file a petition with the Value Adjustment Board (VAB) in your applicable county. The VAB settles disputes between a taxpayer and the Property Appraiser. The VAB is completely independent of the Property Appraiser’s office.

Depending on the county of your jurisdiction, taxpayers may file VAB petitions on the County Clerk’s website, in person at the County Clerk’s office, other branch locations, or by mail. Petition forms are generally available from the Clerk’s office, the Property Appraiser and the Florida Department of Revenue websites.

The VAB has a statutory $15 filing fee, which must accompany the application. The application must be completed in full and submitted prior to the applicable deadline. For 2013 valuation appeals, the timely filing deadline for Palm Beach County is September 16, 2013 and the timely filing deadline for Broward County is September 18, 2013. If you live in a different jurisdiction in Florida, please refer to your TRIM Notice for the applicable deadline or contact your county Property Appraiser’s office.

For more information, please contact:

John T. Metzger

Jessica T. Lifshitz

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