"Ohio employers quietly grapple with workplace marijuana policies"

"Ohio employers quietly grapple with workplace marijuana policies"

McDonald Hopkins member Ryan Neumeyer was quoted in Crain's Cleveland Business as part of Jeremy Nobile's April 3 piece "Ohio employers quietly grapple with workplace marijuana policies."

Nobile writes: 

Multistate operators facing differing state or local rules related to marijuana are increasingly looking to develop uniform policies, said Ryan Neumeyer, a labor and employment attorney with McDonald Hopkins. This may mean making the more lenient policy the company standard, as what works in Ohio may not legally apply elsewhere.

There's also a growing sense of inevitability that marijuana will eventually be legalized, in which case discriminating against a current or prospective employee for using a legal substance outside work won't fly. A "green wave" this past fall saw six more states ratify recreational marijuana laws. Ohio might've joined them if a related referendum hadn't failed to make the ballot.

"I think the important thing is employers need to decide if they're really going to do zero tolerance," Neumeyer said. "In the future, that's probably not going to be possible. So maybe is this something we want to explore now and get in front of the issue?"

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