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Franchisees in Ohio should be aware of a number of recent changes that provide both increased rights and remedies.  Ohio Revised Code Chapter 1334, Ohio’s Business Opportunity Plan Law , went into effect in October 1979. The Act is designed to regulate the sale or lease of business opportunity plans, including written disclosures, and provides significant remedies to those who have been misled by dishonest or negligent franchisors. The Supreme Court of Ohio’s decision in Peltier v. Spaghetti Tree, Inc., 6 Ohio St. 3d 194, 197 (1983), makes it clear that sales of franchise agreements subject to Ohio law are governed by Ohio Revised Code Chapter 1334.1 On June 26, 2012, Governor Kasich signed Substitute Senate Bill 196 (the “2012 Amendment”) into law. The 2012 Amendment, which became effective on September 28, 2012, amends the Act in several significant ways, certain of which are set forth below. Click here for more information regarding these amendments.