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On November 24, 2013, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, ADP, LinkedIn, and 100,000 others were informed that they were all the most recent victims of a data breach.  The hackers began their assault on October 21, 2013 and, so far, the hackers have acquired 1.58 million website login credentials and 320,000 email account credentials.  Included in the hackers’ haul were 318,121 passwords from Facebook, 59,549 from Yahoo, 54,437 from Google, 21,708 from Twitter, and 8,490 from LinkedIn. The list also includes 7,978 passwords from ADP, the payroll service provider.  Although all compromised information is troublesome, the acquisition of ADP’s information could carry some serious financial repercussions.


To gain access to the above referenced information, hackers employed software that was maliciously installed on computers.  Apparently, the virus has been acquiring information and sending that information to a server in the Netherlands, which is controlled by the hackers.


Analysts are not sure whether or not hackers have actually gained access to accounts, but Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have informed media outlets that they are urging users to change their passwords.  Do you feel social media sites are really secure from hackers?