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In One customer's nightmare goes viral, I wrote about how the explosion of social media has placed added emphasis on companies to properly train their customer service representatives. Using the Comcast example, it is clear how social media can turn one customer service blunder into a massive public relations nightmare with damaging business implications. 

Not surprisingly, after social media took over the story, Comcast provided a response statement indicating that the employee’s behavior was not appropriate, and that they were examining their process, training and incentives to prevent these types of events from occurring in the future. Now, the “Retention Specialist” manual/grading system has leaked out. While the manual places importance on proper behavior, it does contain incentives for (and the “Retention Specialist” pay depends on) “saving” customer business. The manual does stress proper behavior (active listening, allowing the customer to process questions, etc.). Comcast’s training, quality control process, and emphasis on these aspects of the manual will be key in preventing these types of events in the future.