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Last week, the New York Times published an article highlighting the number of major corporations that have been recently hacked.  While this is nothing new, as companies big and small continue to be attacked from both external hackers, disgruntled employees, or just careless employees, what is new is their recent willingness to go to the press and divulge the cyber attack.  So why the desire to come clean?  It may be their hope that their breach will get lost in the many headlines of other companies recent cyber events.  Could it be that the “guidance” from the SEC in October of 2011 regarding their desire to have public companies disclose online attacks is actually making a meaningful impact?  Doubtful.  It would appear that few, if any disclosures, have come as a result of it.  Despite this recent phenomenon of coming clean, there is still tremendous pressure for companies to keep these events under wraps, as the downside to disclosure is significant.  If you have a cyber event, do you know which path to take?