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Over 47,000 files, including, names, Social Security numbers and credit card numbers, have been compromised in a cyber attack on the City of Akron, Ohio.  The city's website and internal network was apparently attacked by an organized hacking group out of Turkey (Turkish Ajan), allowing it access to taxpayer information and tax preparer information.  The hacked files were posted on a website, which included spreadsheets with personal information.

The Deputy Mayor of Akron said that he was "frankly perplexed that anyone got past [their] firewalls, which were all up to date."  Up to date firewalls, however, are not going to stop these complex hackings.  Unfortunately, the organized groups behind these ongoing cyber attacks are several steps ahead of the technology that organizations have in place for protection. Make sure your organization is implementing preventative privacy measures beyond basic IT protocols. Written policies and procedures can help minimize the damaging effect of a cyber attack.