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The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) is at it again!  This time one of the nation’s largest newspapers has fallen victim.  The SEA, which is suspected to be a group of hackers supporting Syrian President Bashar Assad, is claiming responsibility for the attack on the website of the New York Times, as well as a concurrent attack on the domains of Twitter and Huffington Post UK. Readers who tried to access have been seeing error messages throughout the past day and a half.  The New York Times is calling it a "malicious external attack." 

In April, we wrote about the SEA's attack on the Associated Press' Twitter account which crashed the Dow and S&P (Associated Press Twitter Account Hacked; Dow and S&P Crash Temporarily).  In the past, the SEA has claimed responsibility for hacking several other media outlets, including the Washington Post, 60 Minutes, CBS News, and National Public Radio.

The cyber attacks come at the very same time when the Obama administration is trying to strengthen its case for possible military action against Syria, where the administration says President Assad's government is responsible for a deadly chemical attack on its civilians.