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Ilia Kolochenko, head of Swiss information security company High-Tech Bridge, stated that he was able to hack NASDAQ’s system within 10 Minutes!  Within a couple days, Kolochenko warned, hackers could flood with any information they so desired.  For example, generating a push announcement that Facebook shares have dropped 90 percent, which could cause havoc on the stock exchange.

Kolochenko stated that he inputted some code into the website's script to see if it would be detected before displaying on the site, but it was not, which means that anyone could inject arbitrary HTML code into the site to display malicious information, seek credit card numbers, etc.

Clearly, this means that NASDAQ’s susceptibility of an intrusion could affect your portfolio.  But what does this mean for your business?  If hackers can access NASDAQ’s website, how much confidential information can they acquire from your database?  So, the question is not if, it’s when will a breach occur, and what preventative steps can be taken prior to a breach.