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Well, just when you thought doing your taxes could not get more painful, it has. Yes, it's that time of year -- staying up late pouring through receipts to make sure you get every dollar back that you are entitled to. Like Clark Griswold from "Christmas Vacation," you anxiously wait for your check to arrive, possibly using that money for that long awaited pool. But when you get your envelope from the IRS, there is no check, or Jelly of the Month Club membership. Rather, it's a note that your refund has already been paid out. After interrogating everyone in the house, you realize you are a victim of identity theft. That's right, someone else got your hard earned refund!  Your refund will now be delayed for months as you work your way through the process proving that you are entitled to the refund and you did not receive it. While you may not be able to eliminate this theft, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of it happening by filing early.  In doing so, you may beat the identity thieves to the IRS and potentially avoid this headache.  Thus, skip the extension this year and get your tax return in early.