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Beginning October 21, 2013, employers with a pattern of failing to adequately and timely respond to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services’ (“ODJFS”) Request for Separation Information (“RSI”), will lose their ability to have recovered overpayments attributed to their unemployment account.  The change stems from amendments to Ohio Revised Code Section 4141 which were enacted by Sub. H.B. No. 37 which passed earlier this year.  “A pattern of failing to respond” occurs when ODJFS issues payment in error three times within a calendar year due to the employer’s failure to respond to the RSI.  “Timely” is defined as within ten days of the date the RSI was mailed, and “adequately” is defined as answering all of the questions on the RSI or if requested, participating in a fact-finding interview.  Based on this change, employers that wish to oppose a former employee’s request for unemployment compensation should be sure to comply with this new mandate.