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According to yesterday's House Journal Summary from Hannah News Service, Inc. the following bills were introduced to the Ohio Statehouse:

House Bill 169: Highway Name Designation: This bill would designate a portion of State Route 45 in Columbiana County as the "Corporal Ernest G. Madden Memorial Highway."

House Bill 170: Naloxone: This bill would provide that a licensed health professional authorized to prescribe naloxone may prescribe, administer, dispense, or furnish naloxone to a person who is, or a person who is in a position to assist a person who is, apparently experiencing or who is likely to experience an opioid-related overdose.

House Bill 171: Released Time Courses- Religious Instruction: This bill would permit public school students to attend and receive credit for released time courses in religious instruction conducted off school property during regular school hours.

House Bill 172: Motor Vehicle Operations- Highway Maintenance Vehicle: This bill would require motor vehicle operators to take certain actions upon approaching a highway maintenance vehicle.

Referred to Committee:

Economic Development and Regulatory Reform:

Senate Bill 112: Enterprise Zone Agreements: This bill would extend the authority of municipal corporations and counties to enter into enterprise zone agreements with businesses until October 15, 2014.


House Bill 167: Columbus Plan: This bill would authorize school districts with an average daily membership greater than 60,000 and located in a city with a population greater than 700,000 to levy property taxes, the revenue from which may be shared with partnering community schools.

Health and Aging:

House Bill 165: Hyperbaric Technologists: This bill would exempt certified hyperbaric technologists from the laws governing the practice of respiratory care.

Manufacturing and Workforce Development:

House Bill 168: Certified Apprenticeship Programs: This bill would create a subprogram of the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program that permits students to participate in certified apprenticeship programs.

Transportation, Public Safety and Homeland Security:

Senate Bill 57: Emergency Responders: This bill would establish a pilot project in Lorain County from August 1, 2013, to July 31, 2014, pursuant to which qualified emergency responders in that County may obtain and administer naloxone to revive a person suffering from an apparent opioid-related overdose.

Ways and Means:

House Bill 166: Veterans' Compensation Enrollment: This bill would promote enrollment for the veterans' compensation authorized in the Ohio Constitution, by enabling eligible veterans to identify themselves on the personal income tax return.