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Introduced-  Monday, May 12, 2014

Avon Lake Judgeship: Sponsored by Senator Gayle Manning (R – North Ridgeville), Senate Bill 336 proposes to convert the part-time judgeship of the Avon Lake Municipal Court into a full-time judgeship.

Elections Subpoenas: Sponsored by Senator Nina Turner (D – Cleveland), Senate Bill 337 would permit the Secretary of State and the Ohio Elections Commission to issue subpoenas and summons in the performance of their duties, as authorized under the Elections Law, to any person outside the state and to provide for the enforcement of the subpoenas and summons under the Elections Law.

Concealed Weapons: Sponsored by Senator Joe Uecker (R – Loveland), Senate Bill 338 would permit investigators of the Attorney General’s office to be authorized to go armed while investigating nursing home, residential care facility, long-term care facility, Medicaid program, or patient abuse or neglect violations and be exempt from concealed weapons prohibitions in the same manner as sheriffs and police officers; to expand the options for obtaining relief from the disability under the offense of having weapons while under disability; and to modify the concealed handgun licensing law by allowing nonresidents of Ohio to be issued a standard license if they are employed in Ohio or a temporary emergency license if they are temporarily in the state, removing the six-year look-back period from the competency certification exemption for retired or honorable discharged armed forces veterans, adding a competency certification exemption for persons who have completed training at the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy or the annual firearms recertification program, reducing the number of hours of training required for the competency certification, making a person ineligible for a license if the person has an out-of-state license that has been suspended for a reason similar to a reason that triggers the suspension of an Ohio license, repealing the statutory license application form and instead requiring the Attorney General to prescribe a form and make it available to sheriffs and online, exempting from the license renewal requirement for a specified period a person who is on active duty in the armed forces or in service with the Peace Corps, Volunteers in Service to America, or the U.S. foreign service and is a licensee or who is the spouse or dependent of such a person and is a licensee, eliminating the authority for a lessor of government land or premises to ban firearms or concealed firearms from the land or premises, and modifying the sanction for violating such a ban on private land or premises posted by the owner.

Introduced- Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Boko Haram: Sponsored by Senate Assistant Minority Leader Charleta B. Tavares (D – Columbus) and Senator Nina Turner (D – Cleveland), Senate Concurrent Resolution 41 proposes to condemn the terrorist group Boko Haram for its attacks on civilians, including the abduction of female students, and to urge the President and Congress to continue providing assistance in locating the students.

Tip Pools: Sponsored by Representative Nickie Antonio (D – Lakewood), House Bill 534 would prohibit an employer from requiring the employer's employees to participate in a tip pool.

Assault Survivors: Sponsored by Representative Nickie Antonio (D – Lakewood), House Bill 535 would establish the Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights.

Child Care Immunizations: Sponsored by Representative Ryan Smith (R – Gallipolis) and Representative Nickie Antonio (D – Lakewood), House Bill 536 would require that children enrolled in licensed child care facilities be immunized in accordance with a schedule that is based on the schedule recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Introduced- Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jobsohio Grants: Sponsored by Representative Denise Driehaus (D – Cincinnati), House Bill 538 would require that, if JobsOhio provides financial assistance for the cleanup and remediation of brownfields, at least 85% of the assistance must be in the form of grants.

BWC Claims: Sponsored by Representative Michael Henne (R – Clayton), House Bill 539 would defer the charging of workers' compensation claims to an employer's experience when a third party may be liable for the claim and to create the Subrogation Suspense Account within the State Insurance Fund to which any such deferral will be charged.

Judgeship: Sponsored by Representative Matt Lundy (D – Elyria) and Representative Terry Boose (R – Norwalk), House Bill 540 would convert the part-time judgeship of the Avon Lake Municipal Court into a full-time judgeship.

Passed- Senate

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

MBR Higher Education: Sponsored by Representative Cliff Rosenberger (R – Clarksville) and Representative Tim Brown (R – Bowling Green), House Bill 484 was passed with respect to the coordination and administration of higher education programs. It authorizes community colleges to create a tuition guarantee program, where schools establish a tuition cost for incoming freshmen with the promise that the costs will not increase over the course of the student’s time at the college. This bill also includes new performance based funding formulas for both Ohio Community Colleges and Ohio Technical Centers that are based on student outcomes and attainment amongst other financial aid programs.

High School Curriculum: Sponsored by Senator Frank LaRose (R – Copley Twp.), Senate Bill 96 will require one unit of world history in the high school social studies curriculum.

Insurance Laws: Sponsored by Senator Kevin Bacon (R – Columbus), Senate Bill 140 will make changes to the law governing insurance holding company systems, to eliminate the petition requirement for domestic mutual companies that wish to merge or consolidate with another company, to eliminate the commission created to hear and determine petitions for merger and consolidation, to provide the requirements for maintaining a risk management framework and completing an own risk and solvency assessment, and to provide guidance and instructions for filing an own risk and solvency assessment summary report with the superintendent of insurance.

Depository Act: Sponsored by Senator Jim Hughes (R – Columbus), Senate Bill 287 will modify authorized investments of interim moneys and inactive moneys under the Uniform Depository Act.

Passed- House

Vehicle Sales: Sponsored by Senate Majority Floor Leader Tom Patton (R – Strongsville), Senate Bill 260 will generally prohibit the Registrar of Motor Vehicles from issuing a motor vehicle dealer's license or motor vehicle leasing dealer's license to a motor vehicle manufacturer for the retail sale or lease of new or used motor vehicles

School Sexual Conduct: Sponsored by Representative Christina Hagan (R – Alliance), House Bill 241 prohibits an employee of a public or nonpublic school or institution of higher education from engaging in sexual conduct with a minor who is enrolled in or attends that public or nonpublic school or who is enrolled in or attends that institution of higher education and is also enrolled in or attends a public or nonpublic school.

Annexation: Sponsored by Representative Peter Stautberg (R – Cincinnati), House Bill 277 requires that the state or a political subdivision real estate owner be included in determining the number of owners needed to sign a petition for an expedited type-II annexation, unless the real estate is a road or road right-of-way, to make other changes regarding that type of annexation, and to change for regular annexations the time at which to determine whether the required number of signatures were obtained.

School Property: Sponsored by Representative Gerald Stebelton (R – Lancaster), House Bill 290 was passed in regards to the use of school district premises by members of the public and immunity from civil liability for a school district and schools when permitting members of the public to use school premises.

Oil & Gas Severance Tax: Sponsored by House Speaker Pro Tempore Matt Huffman (R – Lima), House Bill 375 will levy a severance tax on well owners of oil and gas severed from horizontal wells, to create a nonrefundable income tax credit for the amount of horizontal well severance tax paid, to repeal a cost recovery assessment imposed on oil and gas well owners, to reduce the severance tax rate on natural gas extracted from nonhorizontal wells, to exclude from the tax base of the commercial activity tax gross receipts from the sale of oil or natural gas severed through use of a horizontal well, and to make an appropriation.

Physician Assistants: Sponsored by Representative Anne Gonzales (R – Westerville), House Bill 412 will revise the law governing the practice of physician assistants. The Bill would retain a requirement that a supervision agreement be entered into by each supervising physician and physician assistant, regardless of whether the physician assistant is to practice within or outside a health care facility and requiring the agreement be filed with the State Medical Board of Ohio.

Salvage Vehicles: Sponsored by House Majority Floor Leader Barbara Sears (R – Sylvania) and Representative Ross McGregor (R – Springfield), House Bill 468 makes several changes to laws governing the resale of wrecked or dismantled vehicles. The bill expands the types of licenses under which an individual can sell salvage motor vehicles. The bill also revises what are categorized as casual sales.