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Today marks the beginning of 2016 presidential debate season!

To date, there are 84 declared candidates for the 2016 presidential election. Of those 84, there are only about 22 notable front runners: 17 declared Republican candidates and five declared Democratic candidates. Arguably, theses candidates are more “notable” because of their logo! Let’s face it; each candidate is essentially a brand. Presidential candidates have their own campaign managers, policy directors, speechwriters, press teams, research teams, and (last, but not least) extensive design teams that work around the clock to develop effective, creative, and visually appealing campaigns.

Since the last presidential election, most politicians have caught on to the pivotal role branding (and social media) can play when it comes to winning voters’ support and raising campaign funds.



Beyond each candidate’s qualifications, there are points to be scored for a candidate’s brand. Consider the response Hillary’s logo has received since its launch. It’s no easy task to design a brand identity that is supposed to appeal to an ENTIRE country – with demographics that vary across the full spectrum of backgrounds, lifestyle, interests, etc. But a strong brand identity can communicate your message and your values to a potential voter with a single glance.

So, without overstating the obvious, presidential campaigns are brands too. Here’s a look at some of the 2016 presidential brands. Are they selling promise, hope, change, or really anything? Or are they really just more of the same?