"Car Hacking Growing More Likely, Security Experts Say"

"Car Hacking Growing More Likely, Security Experts Say"
Mr. Robot wants to drive your car.

But the Golden Globe winning drama’s fictional team of hackers is not nearly as dangerous as the real people who might try to take control while you’re driving, according to cyber security experts speaking at the Automotive Press Association luncheon Tuesday in Detroit.

“It’s going to happen,” said Tom Winterhalter, supervisory special agent, FBI Detroit Division, cyber squad. “There are groups out there that will want to try.”

While there are no cases of cars being taken control of on open roads, last year’s demonstration by two scientists hacking into a Jeep Cherokee and taking it over showed that it was possible. It also led to Fiat-Chrysler recalling 1.4 million vehicles to fix the software weaknesses.

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