2017 update on maximum charges for copies of medical records in Florida

Florida recognizes that a patient’s access to their medical records is important and necessary for continuity of care. To that end, Florida has issued regulations on the permitted costs for copies of medical records, x-rays, and insurance information.   
Patients in Florida are not required to pay a fee for copies or searches of their records when the copy or search is done to assist in continued medical care.
Florida law also states that upon receiving a written request and after discharge of a patient, a licensed facility must provide (in a timely manner) to any patient (or patient guardian, curator or personal representative) true and correct copies of all the patient’s records, including x-rays and insurance information, that are in the facility’s possession. 
For patients and government entities, the maximum fees shall not exceed the following: 
  •  $1 per page for the first 25 pages
  • $0.25 per page for each page in excess of 25 pages.
For all other entities, the fee is $1 per page.
Additionally, a licensed facility may charge actual costs (the cost of materials and supplies to duplicate the record and labor/overhead costs to do the duplication) for reproducing x-rays and other special kinds of records.
Under Florida’s worker’s compensation statutes and rules,  injured employees may only be charged up to $0.50 per page or the actual direct cost to the provider or facility for the x-rays, micro-films, or other non-paper records.
The Florida Board of Medicine has more information available at http://flboardofmedicine.gov/patient-records-faqs
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