Episode 28: McDonald Hopkins Launches New Litigation Finance Practice Group, Part 2: What is Litigation Finance?

CLEVELAND – The 27th and 28th episodes of McDonald Hopkins’ podcast series MH Business Exchange have been released as a two-part discussion of litigation finance.

During Episode 27,  entitled “McDonald Hopkins Launches New Litigation Finance Practice Group, Part 1: What is Litigation Finance,” co-chair of the new practice group, Marc Carmel, joins host Mike Witzke to explain the history of litigation funding, how it works, and why it is growing in both awareness and use in the United States.

Litigation finance enables plaintiffs and law firms to use the “value” of causes of action in affirmative litigation or arbitration proceedings to secure funding from third party “litigation funders” by monetizing potential recoveries from litigation.

On Episode 28, entitled “McDonald Hopkins Litigation Finance Practice Group, Part 2: An Introduction to the Practice Group,” Carmel and Witzke discuss the decision to create a new practice group which is among the first of its kind and unique to the legal market.

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