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COLUMBUS, Ohio (April 16, 2015)—Because attorney Sara Hutchins Jodka feels that the most important thing she has to give is time and her experience, she has taken a hands-on approach to community service. Because she sees mentoring as especially valuable, she has chosen go give her time to organizations that “support, build up and encourage.” She commented, “As human beings, this is what I think we should be doing for each other. I don’t believe in ego.”

Currently, Jodka is an “E3” mentor for the United Way Women’s Leadership Council. She also serves as a mentor for the Human Resources Association of Central Ohio and for the Supreme Court of Ohio through the Lawyer to Lawyer program, and has mentored others in her current firm and previous firms. She said, “I like to mentor other women, get involved, and contribute to the organization.”

Jodka believes it is extremely important for young professional women to have mentors who are positive influences. As a young professional herself, Jodka struggled to find a mentor, and now that she is in a position to be able to mentor others, she is passionate about doing so.

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