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CLEVELAND – As part of McDonald Hopkins’ upcoming 90th anniversary in 2020, the business advisory and advocacy law firm is profiling some of its most successful and innovative clients. This month, the firm invites you to get to know Q-Lab Corporation, a manufacturer of scientific chambers for testing the long term durability of paints and plastics that are exposed to sunlight and corrosion.

Q-Lab has achieved market success in their industry because of the rigorous adherence to a simple business philosophy: Old-fashioned Midwestern values. It’s a philosophy Q-Lab President Doug Grossman learned from observing his father, company founder George Grossman. When George began his career selling supplies and equipment to paint labs in the Cleveland area, he always asked “What do you need that you can’t get from your current suppliers?” After customers responded that they needed a consistent, reproducible test surface, George founded Q-Panel Lab Products in 1956 to fulfill their need.

Today, all products and processes at Q-Lab are built and priced with the customer in mind, and the company focuses on hiring people who are inherently motivated to help others.  Despite growing over the years to include over 250 employees in offices around the world, Q-Lab still does all its manufacturing in Westlake, Ohio, where it was founded.

“The depth of talent and expertise in Northeast Ohio is unbeatable,” says Doug.  “We’ve been everywhere, and we feel that for us, this is the best place in the world to manufacture.  We’ve proven that our people can compete toe-to-toe with anyone on the planet.”  

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