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Episode 23: An update from the front lines of the Florida recount

McDonald Hopkins Miami Managing Member Raquel "Rocky" Rodriguez, who represented George W. Bush in the 2000 Florida recount, keeps you up to date with all of the events surrounding the 2018 recount. She explains the current lawsuits, the most recent court rulings, and even offers some spoilers of what lies ahead.

UPDATE: November 16, 2018 at 12 p.m.

Raquel "Rocky" Rodriguez provides up-to-the-minute details from the front lines of the Florida recount, including a decision on the governor's race and early news from hand recounts in the senate and commissioner of agriculture races. 

Episode 22: Examining the 2018 Florida Recount Through the Lens of a 2000 Recount Veteran

Raquel "Rocky" Rodriguez, McDonald Hopkins' Miami managing member and former general counsel to Florida Governor Jeb Bush, joins MH Business Exchange host Mike Witzke to provide a rare perspective into the 2018 Florida recount. She brings her expertise as one of the lead lawyers for George W. Bush in the 2000 recount, explaining the process ahead, the differences between 2000 and 2018, the lawsuits, and what to expect in the days and weeks ahead.


MH Business Exchange Episode 21: Securities implications of blockchain technology

On Episode 20 of MH Business Exchange, host Mike Witzke is joined by McDonald Hopkins member Ilirjan Pipa for a discussion of topics including potential applications for blockchain technology, whether initial coin offerings and token generation are classified as "securities offerings," and how to structure ICOs to be compliant with existing laws.



MH Business Exchange Episode 20: A quick tour of the business income deduction

On Episode 20 of MH Business Exchange, host Mike Witzke is joined by McDonald Hopkins attorney Michael Riley for a quick tour of all you need to know about the business income deduction. They discuss everything from understanding who qualifies for the 20 percent tax break to the reason behind Congress’ decision to give us the qualified business deduction, whether or not all sole proprietors and owners of pass-through businesses get the deduction, and more.



MH Business Exchange Episode 19: Franchise Law – Antitrust issues franchisors and franchisees need to know

During the episode 19 of MH Business Exchange, host Mike Witzke is joined by McDonald Hopkins' antitrust attorneys Jennifer Dowdell Armstrong and Christopher Dean. Among the topics they discuss are traditional and emerging antitrust concerns affecting franchise relationships. These include tying and no-poach agreements, ways to minimize the risk of civil and criminal enforcement actions, and tips for complying with antitrust laws when participating in trade associations.

MH Business Exchange Episode 18: Trends in long-term care

On episode 18 of MH Business Exchange, host Mike Witzke and Cleveland attorney Todd Baumgartner, a member of the McDonald Hopkins' Business Department and the chair of the General Corporate Practice Group, discuss current trends in long-term care. Among the topics covered are the expanding number of new facilities to service a growing senior population, the pitfalls to consider when building or acquiring assisted-living facilities, Certificate of Needs programs, and access to HUD financing.


MH Business Exchange Episode 17: The role of fiduciaries – Who, what and when

In today's 17th episode of MH Business Exchange, host Mike Witzke talks with McDonald Hopkins trust and estate attorney Roger Shumaker about fiduciaries: Who they are, what they do, and how they act? These questions and more are answered as Witzke and Shumaker discuss all of the various types of fiduciaries and their roles, from guardianships, to powers of attorney, executors, personal representatives, administrators and trustees.


MH Business Exchange Episode 16: Key issues in environmental law – The Clean Water Act, the Clean Power Plan and more

Host Mike Witzke and McDonald Hopkins attorney John Heer discuss some of today’s hot topics in environmental law. These issues include the jurisdiction of the federal government in the Clean Water Act, what “waters of the United States” actually means, the Clean Power Plan and the impact deregulation in the Trump era has made on the practice of environmental law.

MH Business Exchange Episode 15: Use of Representation and Warranty Insurance in M&A deals

Cleveland attorney Ilirjan Pipa, chair of the firm’s Securities Practice Group, and host Mike Witzke discuss how insurance shifts risk to the insurance provider. This allows a buyer to collect straight from the policy instead of filing a claim against the seller after suffering loss due to a breach of a seller's rep in a purchase agreement. Insurance policies are becoming more and more popular as premiums drop, underwriting processes become more efficient, and providers offer better terms



MH Business Exchange Episode 14: Due diligence for employee benefits

In episode 14 of McDonald Hopkins’ bi-weekly podcast series, MH Business exchange, host Mike Witzke talks with employee benefits attorney Gladys Zolna about the important role human resources and other company employees play as planned fiduciaries for benefit plans.



MH Business Exchange Episode 13: Estate planning techniques for high net worth individuals

In episode 13 of McDonald Hopkins’ bi-weekly podcast series, MH Business exchange, host Mike Witzke talks with estate and trust attorney Katherine Wensink about how high net worth individuals should react to estate tax changes that went into effect Jan. 1, 2018, as part of the federal tax overhaul.

One of the biggest changes in the tax reform law was the increase in how much high net worth individuals can give away without paying estate tax – that number increased from approximately $5.5 million to $11 million for individuals, or approximately $22 million for married couples. In this episode, Katherine explains why individuals who are at that $11 million mark (or close to it) should have strategic conversations about their estate planning goals to avoid the 40 percent estate tax. Katherine also explains how the approach to estate planning can be different for those with established, sophisticated estate plans compared to someone who is just getting started or who has a very basic plan. Estate tax rules always seem to be changing, too, and Mike and Katherine discuss whether someone in a potentially taxable situation should wait and see how the law unfolds or take action now.



MH Business Exchange Episode 12: Overpayment: Managing medical records requests and avoiding payor audits

Cleveland attorney Elizabeth Sullivan, co-chair of the firm’s national Healthcare Practice Group, sits down with host Mike Witzke to discuss why payor audits must be taken seriously and how healthcare providers should respond to medical records requests to avoid overpayment claims. Sullivan also explains why it is important for providers to be proactive and not reactive regarding payor audits.

MH Business Exchange Episode 11: Beware: Avoiding hidden antitrust dangers

Cleveland antitrust attorneys Jennifer Dowdell Armstrong and Christopher Dean sit down with host Mike Witzke to discuss the hidden dangers regarding antitrust violations that businesses must be aware of, such as algorithmic pricing, merger review and per se offenses. Armstrong and Dean also discuss why small and mid-sized businesses must be aware that civil and criminal antitrust concerns are not only an issue for large corporations.

MH Business Exchange Episode 10: Securities considerations when raising capital

Cleveland attorney Ilirjan Pipa, chair of the firm’s Securities Practice Group, and host Mike Witzke discuss the securities considerations businesses must be aware of and how to properly navigate the various considerations as they prepare to raise capital.