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April 2019

Innovation without borders: The French-American Midwest Connection "Innovation without Borders: The French-American Midwest Connection"is being hosted by McDonald Hopkins and the French-American Chamber of Commerce with our special guest, Mr. Guillaume Lacroix, Consul General of France in Chicago. This panel conversation will feature multi-perspective insights from French and American professionals about French-American innovation and the importance of building and protecting this long standing international business and cultural relationship.
Lunch with Eric Gordon - Leaders in Education Series Join us for an insightful conversation with Eric Gordon, CEO of Cleveland Metropolitan School District in the first part of our Leaders in Education Lunch Series in Cleveland or via live webcast. Eric is responsible for the leadership and daily management of Cleveland’s 39,000-student school district and integral in the "Say Yes to Education" initiative. Eric will be discussing key educational topics in Cleveland, including Say Yes to Education which aims to increase education levels of Cleveland residents; boost and retain population in the City of Cleveland; improve college access for middle- and low-income families in Cleveland; and spur economic growth and expansion in Cleveland.
Attracting and retaining talent in a millennial world Millennials are quickly becoming the largest portion of the workforce around the globe. Understanding the millennial generation is not only important to ensure you are attracting top talent, it is vital to the longevity of any business. Please join us along with Ashley Basile Oeken, President of Engage! Cleveland, on Thursday, March 21 for a discussion on attracting, retaining, and engaging millennials. How millennials differ from previous generations in the workforce The importance of employer branding HR issues that millennials and organizations face The role of startups and incentive equity in the changing business environment

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