Our attorneys and professionals work individually and together as part of more than 50 specialized teams to provide legal and business insights for the challenges at hand and on the horizon.

Robert Baraona
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Colin Battersby, CIPP/US
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Todd Baumgartner
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Todd C. Baumgartner

Member; Chair, General Corporate

EMAIL tbaumgartner@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 216.348.5737

Teresa Beasley
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Teresa Metcalf Beasley

Member; Chair, Public Law

EMAIL tmbeasley@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 216.348.5713

William Beckley
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EMAIL wbeckley@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 614.458.0030

John Benko
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EMAIL jbenko@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 248.220.1352

Todd Benni
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EMAIL tbenni@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 216.348.5712

Peter Bernhardt
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Peter M. Bernhardt

Member; Chair, Probate and Trust Litigation
West Palm Beach

EMAIL pbernhardt@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 561.472.2121

Patrick Berry
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Isabelle Bibet-Kalinyak
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Richard Blake
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James Boutrous II
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James J. Boutrous II

Detroit Managing Member; Board of Directors

EMAIL jboutrous@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 248.220.1355

Alan Burger
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Leslie Burrell
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EMAIL lburrell@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 312.280.0111