Our attorneys and professionals work individually and together as part of more than 50 specialized teams to provide legal and business insights for the challenges at hand and on the horizon.

Joshua Gadharf
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Debra Gall
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EMAIL dgall@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 216.348.5488

John Gambill
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EMAIL jgambill@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 614.484.0703

M. Colette Gibbons
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EMAIL cgibbons@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 216.430.2057

Beth Gillin
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EMAIL bgillin@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 216.348.5457

James Giszczak
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James J. Giszczak

Member; Chair, Litigation Department; Board of Directors; Executive Committee

EMAIL jgiszczak@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 248.220.1354

Hayley Gladstone
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Carl Grassi
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Carl J. Grassi

Member; Board of Directors

EMAIL cgrassi@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 216.348.5448

Stephen Gross
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EMAIL sgross@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 248.220.1337

Alexa Guevara
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Mark Guinto
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EMAIL mguinto@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 216.348.5818

David Gunning II
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