Our attorneys and professionals work individually and together as part of more than 50 specialized teams to provide legal and business insights for the challenges at hand and on the horizon.

David Schelberg
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Regen Shanzer
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EMAIL rshanzer@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 305.704.3984

Roger Shumaker
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Roger L. Shumaker

Senior of Counsel

EMAIL rshumaker@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 216.348.5801

Scott Slaby
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EMAIL sslaby@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 216.430.2017

Jason Smith
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EMAIL jsmith@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 216.430.2033

Adam Smith
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EMAIL acsmith@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 216.348.5407

Kelsey Smith
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EMAIL ksmith@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 216.348.5453

Mark Steiner
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EMAIL msteiner@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 248.593.2951

James Stief
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James E. Stief

Member; Chair, Business Law Department; Board of Directors; Executive Committee

EMAIL jstief@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 216.430.2031

Janet Stockard
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EMAIL jstockard@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 216.430.2044

Elizabeth Sullivan
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Elizabeth Sullivan

Member; Co-Chair, National Healthcare Practice Group

EMAIL esullivan@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 216.348.5401

Richard Summers
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EMAIL rsummers@mcdonaldhopkins.com

PHONE 216.348.5836