The top 10 data privacy threats confronting colleges and universities

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 | 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET


The top 10 data privacy threats confronting colleges and universities

Join us for the first session in our Higher Education Webcast Series where we will focus on the most significant issues facing colleges and universities.

When people think about data security breaches, most often they think about incidents with retail stores like Target where credit and debit cards get breached and personal information is stolen. But what many colleges and universities don’t realize is that some of the biggest data security threats actually come from information they maintain and the legal and financial risk if that information is compromised. Data breaches are costly and more common than you think. A data breach involving personal information of students, employees, or donors can be devastating. Learn how to confront the top 10 data privacy threats.


  • Defining a “Data Breach”, PII, PHI and PCI
  • Regulatory compliance (state, federal and higher education specific requirements) and the costs of non-compliance
  • Real-world university data breach examples
  • Proactive policies and practices, including incident response plans, written information security programs (WISP), training, confidentiality agreements, document retention and employee policies
  • Primary types of data breaches/cyber claims and the steps you must take once an incident is suspected
  • Contractual negotiations with college and university vendors
  • Your questions answered.


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