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Succession Planning & Business Ownership Changes: Legal & Practical Issues

Succession Planning & Business Ownership Changes: Legal & Practical Issues

Michelle Kantor will be speaking at "Succession Planning & Business Ownership Changes: Legal & Practical Issues" with Women Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) certified women business enterprise (WBE) on December 18.

Michelle will discuss selling your business, buying other businesses, Stock and Asset Purchases, examples of ownership changes that have compromised certifications, large business investors, Mentor Protégé investments and pitfalls, sale price valuations, tips to finance acquisitions and making small business more attractive to investors and buyers. She will also discuss buying government contracts for growth and Novation. In addition, Michelle will discuss certification criteria to understand when considering any corporate changes in ownership and required agency notifications. 

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  • Tips in how to ready your business for sale • Key considerations when financing tractions
  • Key issues to consider when allowing ownership changes, equity investors, granting stock options, succession planning actions and other events that can compromise WBE, DBE or other small business certifications
  • Growing your company through acquisitions or purchase of other companies’ contracts, as well as the Novation process