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Environmental management services


Even if you run a small business or facility, you have environmental obligations. But do you have a dedicated employee or position to manage those obligations? In some circumstances, the employee who is responsible for environmental obligations is new or otherwise overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork and deadlines that face the company every day. Sometimes this means deadlines come and go without the proper attention, or the paperwork might not be prepared or filed in a timely manner, for a variety of reasons.

McDonald Hopkins can step in and provide immediate assistance with your environmental management needs. Our team of business attorneys have years of experience representing private clients in environmental matters, including preparing, implementing, and following up on new environmental policies and sustainability goals. We have worked with small companies with tight resources to develop strategies to achieve and maintain compliance, and have also designed and implemented environmental health and safety plans for larger companies, including multi-facility, multi-country systems. With a broad range of experience and resources, we can quickly and efficiently step in to manage your environmental compliance, and just as easily, step away after things are under control, assisting on an as-needed basis into the future.

Representative Matters

Our team has provided a wide variety of environmental services to a multitude of clients, including:

  • Managing the environmental, health, and safety needs for a multiple facility manufacturing company, managing up to 20 manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout North America. This work included running weekly meetings with environmental health and safety coordinators of each facility to discuss their best practices, permit limitations, applicable regulatory standards, as well as issues with employee compliance.
  • Representing upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas operations in all aspects of environmental matters.
  • Representing various mineral and energy extraction companies.
  • Serving as environmental counsel to a major wallpaper manufacturer with facilities throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
  • Serving as national environmental counsel for three Tier I auto parts suppliers.
  • Representing the United States’ leading specialty polymers manufacturing company in all aspects of environmental and emergency response proceedings.
  • Representing a major steel manufacturer in litigation involving its environmental permits for the construction and operation of a metallurgical coke plant.
  • Serving as environmental counsel for a global brass and bronze ingot manufacturer.
  • Serving as environmental counsel to one of Ohio’s largest cheese manufacturers.
  • Representing a commercial developer in obtaining regulatory approvals for construction of a Town Center Shopping Development on a former landfill.
  • Serving as environmental counsel for the City of Cleveland and its Department of Port Control, with respect to its two municipal airports.
  • Representing several municipalities with respect to infrastructure improvement matters, including storm and sanitary sewers.
  • Serving as common counsel to Potentially Responsible Party Groups at multiple federal and state Superfund sites in administrative proceedings and litigation.