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Breach coaching and incident notification

When a data breach occurs, time is of the essence. Every day that goes by brings an increased risk for fines, penalties and lawsuits – but our attorneys are here to help. We’ve counseled clients across the country and around the world through hundreds of privacy incidents. The minute you notify us of an incident, we develop a customized plan so you can respond quickly, thoroughly and effectively. We work with computer forensic specialists to contain the breach and secure the systems, while determining the scope and breadth of the incident.

If you have to notify affected individuals, our team can draft notifications in compliance with the numerous state, federal and international data breach notification laws, incorporating industry specific nuances. When necessary, we provide proper notification to state and federal regulators, as well as credit card companies and credit reporting agencies. To minimize damages, we offer:
  • Crisis communication management
  • Tailored media statements
  • Frequently asked questions for call center response
  • Assistance in facilitating the credit monitoring process
  • Guidance with mail houses to ensure letters are mailed accurately and efficiently

 If you suspect that your organization has suffered a data breach or privacy incident, call our 24/7 hotline at 855-MH-DATA1 (855-643-2821). Our attorneys are prepared to provide your business with an immediate and calculated response to your incident. 



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