Energy and natural resources services

Emergency response team

When an emergency hits, you don’t have time to second-guess your legal services. We’ve put together an Emergency Response Team full of attorneys trained and educated on emergency response issues. We can act as your representative for:
  • Governmental authorities
  • Governmental investigations
  • Internal confidential investigations
  • Media and press
  • Other emergency, high pressure or highly sensitive situations



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John T. Metzger

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Richard H. Blake

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Erin Walsh Cicarella

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Jeffrey R. Huntsberger

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William Beckley

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Joseph M. Muska

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David M. Kall

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Michael W. Wise

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Beth I. Gillin

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Dan L. Makee

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Richard N. Kessler

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Chad Arfons

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Drew Romig

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Matthew R. Rechner