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Laboratory intellectual property


Much of the value of laboratories in today’s healthcare marketplace is driven by intellectual property, including proprietary tests, informatics, and other assets. You need to rethink how intellectual property can boost your bottom line and how that value should be solidly protected. Your competition is doing it. Are you?

Our firm is a leader in providing strategic intellectual property planning services that generates significant value to a wide variety of laboratories. In doing so, we help place your lab in strong positions against your competition, or for a potential divestiture event such as a merger or acquisition.

We provide key strategic intellectual property services geared to laboratories, including:

  • Domestic and global patent protection and enforcement
  • Branding services
  • Trade secret protection
  • Licensing
  • Patent “trolls”
  • Social media
  • Information and data security
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Intellectual property in business transactions
  • Insurance and risk management 



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