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Appeals arise in many different contexts, both during and at the conclusion of litigation. Whether you would like us to simply handle the entire appeal, give you a fresh perspective on your case, or work in conjunction with your trial counsel, we can advise and guide you through the decision of whether to appeal, the likelihood of success, the best approach to defending against an appeal, as well as handling the actual nuts and bolts from beginning to end.

Our appellate attorneys have a wide range of experience in numerous practice areas in both state and federal courts, including specialty courts, such as federal circuit patent appeals, tax appeals, and administrative boards. If you would like to file an amicus (friend of the court) brief, we can assist with that, too. Most of our appellate attorneys have clerked for one or more judges in an appellate court before entering private practice. We can also work with your trial counsel to ensure that errors are preserved for appeal and develop a trial strategy that will serve you well in the event of an appeal. If you have appellate issues or questions, or are just wondering “Now, what do we do?” we can help you.



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