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Business litigation

Focusing on your business as a whole is important when confronted with or pursuing litigation. Our first priority is the successful and efficient handling of your critical business issues. We’ll work with you on the front end to develop solutions and safe guards against claims. However, when the need for litigation assistance occurs, we have a deep bench of attorneys ready to defend your business, including an exceptional array of trial, arbitration and mediation experience involving high stakes litigation.

Consistent, successful, cost-effective results have been achieved when working on business litigation issues involve a large spectrum of problems and/or claims including:

  • Banking and lender liability 
    • Breach of fiduciary duties
    • Misrepresentation
    • Fraud 
    • Statutory violations
  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duties
  • Data privacy and cybersecurity breaches
  • Directors and officers 
  • Fraud
  • Manufacturing and automotive 
    • Accommodation agreements
    • Commercial law
    • Contract forms
    • Distributor agreements
    • General counsel
    • Recall litigation
    • Supply chain disputes
    • Tooling disputes
  • Professional liability in the following fields:
    • Accounting 
    • Insurance, including errors and omission policies 
    • Legal
    • Real estate
  • Tortious interference and fraud relating to:
    • Contracts
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Earn-outs
    • Breeches of representation and warranties
    • Restrictive covenant
    • Non-compete agreements
  • Shareholder disputes, including those involving:
    • Breach of fiduciary duties
    • Corporate mismanagement claims
    • Defense of corporate entities, their officers, directors and shareholders
    • Fraudulent conveyances
    • Shareholder oppression
    • Supply chain disputes
  • Trade secret violations 


Michael G. Latiff, Co-Chair
Dan L. Makee, Co-Chair


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