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Construction litigation


By assisting clients in all aspects of contract drafting and negotiation, claim preparation, dispute resolution (through mediation, arbitration or litigation), our construction attorneys’ initial goal is for you to avoid unnecessary litigation. Whether the subject involves land use or zoning, or any phase of project approval or construction, our construction litigation group is designed to concentrate the firm’s full measure of legal expertise and experience upon early problem identification and resolution. If litigation can’t be avoided, we’re prepared to handle your case in any forum.

 Our construction litigation attorneys have broad experience in the mediation, arbitration and litigation of disputes covering the following areas:
• Acceleration/delay
• Additional work/change orders
• AIA contracts
• AAA construction arbitration/Mediation
• Architect representation
• Backcharges
• Public bidding
• Bonding/suretyship
• Public/private construction
• Cardinal Change
• Differing site conditions claims
• Defective construction
• Design
• Federal Arbitration Act/Ohio Arbitration Statute
• General contractor representation
• Indemnification
• Insurance
• Mechanic’s lien
• Owner representation
• Prompt payment litigation
• Subcontractor representation
• Supplier representation



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